“I was plagued with severe migraines yet unable to use any RX or over the counter medicines so I sought help at Sangha Acupuncture. After just a few treatments the improvement was impressive and within a few months these debilitating headaches had resolved. I'm a lung transplant recipient which requires that I take an assortment of drugs to prevent rejection, These drugs have a host of side-effects that I am able to mitigate through regular acupuncture. I particularly recommend Sangha has their approach is very holistic and thorough, coordinating my needs with labs and medical reports from other doctors. I strongly recommend Sangha for a wide range of symptoms/concerns.”  – G. C.


“After one session, I'm an acupuncture convert. Kate has a calm presence and takes a generous amount of time to evaluate your health history. I didn't even feel most of the needles as she inserted them. Soon after my visit, I had a remarkable centeredness and, most importantly, my nasal passages were clear for the first time in over a week. I was also able to buy some lovely - and effective - aromatherapy blends.”  J. R.